How “Bad Relationships” Can Affect Your Health.

You may have heard, or believed that relationships are good for your health, longevity, and life expectancy. In general, this is true – except when the relationship is bad.

Anyone who has dealt with difficult parents or children through a difficult divorce or was a backstabbing friend knows that not all relationships are good for your health.

If someone in our life creates stress and problems, which also affects well-being.



What exactly research tells us about Relationship?

Researchers measured relationship quality in a study published in 2007 of 9,000 men and women in the British Civil Service.

Participants surveyed their relationships and the various negative aspects present in their close relationships. Participants also closely monitored for health issues.

Those who reported “adverse” close relationships had a 34% increased risk of developing heart problems even after considering weight, social support, and other factors.

This is a huge increase. More recent research, such as a 2016 University of Michigan study, supports this finding, noting that “stress and [negative] relationship quality directly affects the cardiovascular system.”



When you face a bad relationship.

It is unhealthy to suppress your emotions, especially when there is anger or resentment in those feelings.

Some research suggests that couples are younger when partners have different modes of anger; The more severe the mismatch, the higher the risk of early death for both partners.

In some relationships, one person may be very unhappy, while the other is completely unaware of an issue.

Addressing this situation means conflict, but that relationship does not end with a relationship.

Effective conflict resolution can improve and improve a relationship. Unreserved conflict is bad, but a difficult attempt to resolve is even worse.

The way you choose to resolve conflict will affect any relationship in which you are involved. Couples counselling or individual therapy can be of great help if you are dealing with extreme conflict.



How to handle a bad relationship?


Interaction with friends and family is good.

Eliminating loneliness increases your life expectancy and protects your brain, among many other benefits. But spending time and energy on less desirable friends and family members can really make you less healthy.

Do your best to maximize the time spent with friends and family around you, and minimize interactions with those who are not pleasant and who bring negativity into your life.

Unfortunately, there are some negative people we can’t always ignore, especially if they are family. In that case, use stress techniques to let the tension go from causing these encounters.

Learn to actively manage your interactions with difficult people, so that their impact on your health and life is reduced.